What is Deal Status?

Some people like technology and want to be left alone, others like the human touch 24/7. Your deals are no different, so we created the Deal Status so you can quickly gauge your lead's engagement.

You can filter leads based on their engagement status under the Status tab:

Off Track

Sometimes people go on vacation and forget they were about to buy a house ;)
For these forgetful folks we have the Off Track segment, so you can get them back to action quickly. We tag your leads as slipping away when:

  • They have logged into the system in the last 30 days, but not in the last 10 days.

At Risk

A lead that requires the Realtor to take some action to make them a healthy lead again. People will enter this segment when they have logged into the system at least once and any one of the conditions below are met:

  • Does not have any good deals recommended by Realdax based on their preferences.
  • Have not liked any deals from the last 3 batches of deals sent to them by the system or directly by you (the Realtor).
  • They have missing profile information (like missing name, or phone number).

On Track

These are the leads you (the Realtor) should focus on the most. They are the most primed to work with you and they are actively participating in the transaction on a regular basis. Leads are tagged as Healthy when:

  • They are new (never logged in before), or you just added them to the system.
  • They have not been tagged as Needs Attention or Slipping Away.


All deals that have been Won or Lost.

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