Find great deals with Realdax property search

Realdax Properties combines the multiple property data sources, like MLS, assessor data and public records under one roof, so you don't have to jump around multiple apps.

Our search also helps you find the best property deals because we offer something unique and special no other Property Search Portal offers: RECOMMENDATIONS. Specifically, every property on the system shows you:

PRICE ANALYSIS: we'll tell you if the listing is OVERPRICED or has a GREAT PRICE

MARKET VALUATION SERVICES AND COMPS: see the comps automatically and adjust market valuation analysis to more specific filters.

INVESTMENT RECOMMENDATION: we'll let you know if you are looking at a GOOD or BAD investment, and explain you why.

Other unique features of the Realdax Property Search and Recommendation Engine:

  • The best deals show first: Just like in Google Search, the best web pages show up first, with Realdax, the best property deals show up first, so you never have to go to page two.
  • Multi-source property data: Bring together the power of MLS, Assessor, Recorders, Point of Interest, Parcel Data, Taxes and Ownership for every property.
  • Investment Returns Filters: Find properties with a minimum Cap Rate, Cash on Cash, Rental Rate, and Internal Rate of Return.
  • Branded shared properties: You can share properties with your clients, and they'll receive the same rich property data and reports, white labeled to you and your brand.
  • Built-in investment advice: You can share our investment recommendations with your clients without the risk of giving direct investment advice.
  • Neighborhood Quality of Life: We measure life quality index for every single neighborhood and block, and rank them based on international indicators for standards of living.

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