Realdax's email sending guidelines

Nobody likes spam, and we built Realdax to help you create valuable and personal interactions with your customers that turn into awesome Real Estate transactions. Combatting spam is part of our mission to make owning a piece of this world accessible to everyone.

These guidelines are written to protect both your and Realdax email sending reputation. Before you can send your first message, you'll need to confirm that you're happy to comply with these guidelines.

Our guidelines

  1. Have permission: Always ask your users if they wish to receive Real Estate promotional emails and good deals from you.
  2. Your leads are yours: We do not tolerate the use of purchased, rented, scraped or borrowed lists. You should only message your own leads, verifying the validity of the email addresses you're sending to.
  3. Good content, good value: Don’t send offensive, distressing or illegal, using our platform.

Message performance

Bad sending practices are not just bad news for Realdax, but for your business too. High bounce rates mean your messages are not reaching their intended destination. High complaint rates mean people receiving the messages aren’t happy about it.

If you exceed our reasonable internal thresholds, we will be entitled to suspend your ability to send email while our delivery team investigates.

If we don’t see an improvement within a reasonable, defined period that we set, we may withdraw your access to the Realdax platform altogether.

If we feel you are misusing our products or services, we reserve the right to withdraw access to our products and services entirely.

The legal bit

These guidelines sit alongside and are in addition to our Terms of Service and our Privacy Policy. As an Realdax Broker, Realtor, or Real Estate Investor you accept that you will adhere to these guidelines and that they are subject to change periodically.

In compliance with applicable data, privacy, and email marketing laws, you must have permission from a recipient to contact them with marketing email. If you don’t, that email may legally be deemed as spam. You should ensure that your email activities comply with these laws.

You must ensure you are meeting all your legal obligations. Don’t use Realdax products in connection with data you don’t have permission to process.


We know that occasionally things can go wrong and mistakes can be made. If at any time you are concerned that these guidelines may have been breached then please do notify us as soon as you become aware at

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