What is an Estoppel Certificate for?

An estoppel certificate is a document used in mortgage negotiations to establish facts and financial obligations, such as outstanding amounts due that can affect the settlement of a loan. It is required by a lender of a third party in a real estate transaction. The assessments and payments due outlined in the estoppel certificate are incorporated into the amounts due at closing.

An estoppel certificate may also be used to assess the existing terms of lease obligations of existing tenants in a tenant-occupied property transaction. The content of an estoppel certificate can vary widely, but it will generally ask the tenants for the following information:

  • A request for a copy of the existing lease
  • Date of and expiration of the existing lease
  • Names of tenants
  • Current monthly rent
  • Security deposit
  • Parking and storage allotments
  • Confirmation of standard leasing terms

Once all information is gathered on the estoppel certificate, both the tenant and landlord sign the certificate to attest to its accuracy.

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