Risks of living near a natural gas underground storage facility

There are nearly 400 natural gas underground storage facilities across the U.S. About 85% of these facilities store the natural gas in depleted reservoirs that once contained oil and/or gas. These reservoirs have been reconditioned for the purpose of storing natural gas. The remaining facilities utilize converted aquifers and salt cavern formations to store natural gas. Living near a natural gas underground storage facility may pose health risks in the event of a gas leak at the facility. Take for example what occurred in October 2015, when a ruptured well at Southern California Gas Company s facility at Aliso Canyon (in Los Angeles County) leaked methane gas into the air. Residents in the nearby neighborhood of Porter Ranch began experiencing various illnesses (nausea, vomiting, headaches and respiratory problems) and many had to abandon their homes temporarily. With massive amounts of gas spewing from the facility, researchers recorded elevated gas levels up to 10 miles away.

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