Why is now missing the Company settings option under your account?

Only admin users can manage Company Settings therefore you may or may not have the Company settings option under your account icon after recent changes to our billing system.

Old Billing system > Company Settings Access

Realdax automatically created an Admin account and a NEW Company for any agent that signed up into the platform. In turn the agent had access to the "Company Settings" under his/her profile for this company generated by the system. As a consequence, our system was flooded with too many auto generated companies.

NEW Billing system > Company Settings Access

As part of our recent system improvements, we have reorganized those user accounts that were associated with an auto-generated company to become part of Realdax Company, namely after the platform, and assign the role of agent to each of them.

- If you are a member of an existing company registered in the Realdax platform, an Admin of your company(eg: Broker) can send you an invite via email, and by accessing the Realdax platform via that link you will immediately become an agent in that NEW Company.

Another update to the system was restricting the access to the Company Settings to those users defined as Admin eg: Company Brokers.

Brokers can change the role of an existing user of their company to Admin so that the new role will allow the user to help managing the company. The broker can have several admins in the company to delegate certain management tasks like inviting members, create a team and add users to a team, define their commissions and take care of the company billing.

- If you were working on a company as Admin and the broker or another admin removes your user from the company, the user is not removed from the platform but the role is changed to Agent and the account's active company will be Realdax so this is reason enough to stop having the Company settings option under your account.

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