How to post an Off-Market Listing

Who can post an off-market opportunity?

Realtors and Investors can post an off-market listing opportunity to the Realdax Platform.

Who sees my off-market opportunity?

Top Realtors and Brokers that have access to the zip code of your property will get analysis and market data ranking where your property is included and ranked against the other available listings. We recommend you run your Property Pricing Analysis to see how your listing compares with other available options in your market. Being amongst the top "Good Deals" with a high rank will guarantee that the right investors Realtors are moving your inventory.

What are the benefits of posting an off-market opportunity?

Top Realtors will get prime access and analysis on how to sell your property faster. Properties in the top 5 recommendation for investors could get from listed to closed 60% faster than regularly listed MLS properties. If you want to sell fast, with a quick closing, no drama, and dealing with Realtors used to dealing with Residential Real Estate Investors, there's no easier way than Realdax. Plus, posting your listing is always FREE.

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