What is Realdax?

How Realdax works, what it can do for your business and what makes it different to other solutions.

Realdax is the professional real estate platform agents use to stay focused on what matters and automate marketing and proven daily sales tasks to grow their business.

We genuinely understand one most painful obstacles that agent’s go through on a daily basis: Time wasters. You have it, we help you mitigate it. Realdax is a Residential Search Engine that prioritizes the industry’s most pressing concern—finding a great deal. It alleviates this issue with smart data, powerful AVM (Automatic Valuation Model), ARM (Automatic Rental Model) and Investment Pro-Forma Analysis; while increasing operational efficiency and providing you with a strong foundation for your offers, negotiations, and closing packages.

Realdax ingests data from different providers such as MLS, Foreclosures, Public Records, Deed/Ownership, global quality of life index, and more. It analyzes every single parcel and listing available in each market and ranks them against each other, based on their valuation and deal quality, to give you instant access to investment analysis with insights to the best deals for your clients. Realdax’s platform provides access to reports that combine personalized insight with current MLS sales and listing comparables, digging deep into the local area. The platform offers a complete view of local market conditions with sales and listing histories, property characteristics, built-in Pro-forma(s), access to photos, and more; all ready to empower your valuation and deal sourcing capabilities. This unique product can radically impact your internal valuation, review and market analysis processes by giving professionals a much needed, and often missing, local market context and deal metrics.

What can I do with Realdax?

  • Market Dashboard: Not any market, your market. Keep tabs on buyer and seller markets, discounts and price trends. You’ll be first to know when the tides are about to change so you can be better prepared to take on business regardless of market sentiment.
  • Property Search: We completely re-imagined how people should find properties in the real estate industry. Realdax combines predictive analysis technology and smart data to deliver the highest-accuracy search suggestions in your market every time. This elegantly designed, simple to use search will forever change the way you do real estate.
  • Full Financial Pro-Formas: Realdax does all the heavy lifting for you. Automatically. Like full property Pro-Formas with 100% coverage without you lifting a finger.
  • Dynamic CMA's: How many times have you wanted to adjust your CMAs to get an edge? Now you can ask Realdax for a CMA that’s “leaning buyer” or “leaning seller” - in seconds! Yeah, we know… you’re welcome
  • Cryptocurrency Capable:  Yes, we are fully capable of working with Cryptocurrency.  It's a big world out there, and this new technology revolution is bringing so many innovations to so many industries - including Real Estate! Let us help you reach the world and close more deals!
  • Relationships: Finally, a CRM that works for you.  Our user-friendly system help maintain the relationships you spend countless hours building.  Realdax will help keep you on track and remind you automatically that you need to pay attention to your clients.  You can even give them access to your account so that they can play around and you can do the work to make sure they get the best deal! How easy is that?! 
  • Websites/Lead Development: Leads, Leads, and Leads - something that every great Realtor wants and needs.  We make it extremely easy for you to maximize your SEO and lead development to show people that you are a subject matter expert.
  • Services: Realtor's have to rely on more than just themselves on a regular basis.  Realdax brings you a full community of services that ate vented by Realtors for Realtors.  Everything from Inspector, Lenders, Escrow, Title, legal, and more, It's so important to surround yourself with the people that will help you be successful. 

Who uses Realdax?

  • Real Estate Agents: From newbies to top producers, agents love that we bring the MLS information they use everyday and make it 10x smarter by including public record, foreclosure, neighborhood quality of life, and access to full financial pro-formas that are easy to use and understand. We help keep your clients engaged by giving them access to your own branded portal so they can search using the same pro-tools you have without losing them to competitors. You’ll know every step of the way their engagement and when they are most likely to pull the trigger.
  • Brokerages: Top producers know technology is a huge  when growing their business and they expect their brokers to support them with more than just a desk, printer, and fax machine. Its time to attract the best talent to your agency by investing in the technology and tools that will help increase your agents success. Brokers packages include insights to your realtors performance by price point, volume and more to insure your getting a higher ROI to your growing business.
  • Real Estate Investors: As an investor, you know the reward is on the result, not the hunt. Ditch the time-consuming property search, for Realdax’s deal finder, which automatically runs financial pro-formas for every single property in the market every 15 minutes, and tells you where the best deals are. Stop spending countless hours trying to dig up information that you're going to copy and paste into an excel sheet and start spending more time with the family and appreciate your newly acquired cash-flow. Simply use Realdax to find your deals to help you quickly put out offers and lock down the best deals.  It's real estate investing made simple.
  • Associations: We understand no two real estate businesses are identical. For our larger enterprise customers (1000+ agents), such as large brokerages and associations we offer additional benefits and training packages at no additional cost, premium 24/7 online and phone support, and a dedicated account manager that works with you to maximize the ROI for your business and your agents every day.

What Makes Us Different! 

  • Find Deals Easily: To get a good deal, you want to be first or last, and nothing in-between. You get good deal alerts in real time as they come to market.
  • Get Your Time Back: Agents using Realdax save an average of 50% of their time trying to find deals. Stop staring at the screen all the time, is better to talk to people.
  • Faster Contracts: Using the Realdax platform can help you decrease your average time to contract and sales cycle by 11 days.
  • Convert More Leads: Increase Lead to Opportunity conversion rate by 29%. That’s how much difference it makes to show the right property backed by math.
  • Knowledge Sells: Nothing is more annoying to an investor than a Realtor that doesn’t get basic investment theory. With us, you become an investment master.
  • Be A Better Negotiator: Negotiating down? Show them a “CMA leaning buyer.” Negotiating up? Show them a “CMA leaning seller.” Either way, one click away and seconds away.

Should you have any inquiries, please feel free to reach out to us at Help@realdax.com

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