Onboarding Agents to Brokerage Account

This step-by-step guild will help you get all of your agents invited and set up within the brokerage account.

To get started, the Managing Broker or an Admin of the brokerage account needs to invite all of the brokerage Agents via their preferred or assigned email addresses via the RealdaxTo Get Started;

1. Click on the Company icon that only appears for registered admins on the account in the lower left corner

2. Once inside the company profile, an Admin will be able to select either  “Users” for bulk invitation options or “Invitations” for individual invitations and to see pending invitations.

3. If you’re adding by bulk, select “Users” to be able to copy from a CSV or Excel file, up to 250 emails at a time, and paste it in the box that pops up when you select “+ New User” 

***CAUTION*** - for this option you want to be careful not to switch to an “Admin Invitation” if the invites are intended for Agents or vice versa.  This could grant more access or limit access depending on the position of the individual invited.  

  • If this happens by mistake, an Admin can be edited a users status by selecting the edit pencil once the account is created and selecting the preferred status. 

4. If you want to one-by-one or want to see the pending invitations, you can do that by selecting “invitations” 

From here, Agents will receive an invitation from either “Help@Realdax.com” Or “Info@realdax.com” 

Now that the Invitations have been sent, 

  • Make sure the email was received;  Example - If received in Gmail and not directly in the primary inbox then it’s possible it’s in the sub-inbox folders. This could be the case for other Email providers that has sub-inboxes. 
  • ***IF IN SPAM*** it is important to mark the email as “not spam”  first before moving on. 
  • If this is not done, future communication from the platform to the agents will also go to spam.

Inside the email that the Agent receives, they can accept the invitation and will be re-directed to the “log in/ sign up” page 

  • Agents can choose which way they want to create their account at this point. 

1."Sign up” 

  • Agents can create a username and password of their choice 
  • Agents will have yet another password to have to remember with this option.  We recommend applications like LastPass to help remember passwords for the future

2. “Google” 

  • They can do a single sign-on with their Google account and not have to worry about creating a password

3. “Facebook”

  • They can do a single sign-on with their Facebook account and not have to worry about creating a password


  • This option will allow the Agent to use their Miami Gateway to log into Realdax.  When they click this option they will be forwarded to the login page here - https://idp.sef.safemls.net/idp/Authn/UserPassword
  • Once the Agent is logged in and looking at their dashboard they would have to find the Realdax logo, as seen here;
  • When clicked on, they will be redirected to the login page where they would have to click on the “connect with Miami MLS” once more to be automatically brought into their account.  

Once inside the platform, the Agent will have an automated walk-through that will help explain the different sections of the platform.  This will give them a good overview of the capabilities that they're able to do and kick starts the training

Now that the agent has gone through the initial walk-through, it would be time to make sure to get the following set up;

  • License # & Commission Split
  • Email 

License # & Commission Split % Set Up

This is so that Realdax will be able to sync up with the agents prior year production levels and help them forecast their future production based on what they are working on using Realdax. 

There are two locations where you’ll be able to input this information

1. On the sidebar, select “Insights” 

2. Once in this section, a window will pop up, requesting the Agent's License number and the Commission Split %

Once filled in, we will pull the Agent's prior year performance record to display and once they start adding in contacts or transactions to their pipeline, we will be able to forecast their gross commission-able income moving forward.

The other location where this information can be added/changed is under the Agents Account. 

1. Select the icon in the upper right corner, and select “Account” 

2. Once inside the Agent Account, in the center section of the page, the Agent would be able to update License # and Commission Split %, as well as input any specific Flate Fee that may also be included as part of the Brokerage relationship 

Setting Up Agent Email

This function allows the Agents to be able to send their clients emails directly through their own email addresses.  This way, clients are not receiving information from multiple email addresses that can easily get lost or cause confusion when communicating with the Agent. 

This guide has step by step instructions on how to set up your email pending the different email provider they may be using/assigned by the Broker.


Should there be any issues setting this up, you can let us know via the chat bubble in the lower right corner. 

This our step-by-step guide to on-boarding agents to the Brokerage account.  Should you have any questions or concerns, feel free to should us a message at Help@realdax.com or in the chat that was mentioned above. 

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