Release Notes - 2019

Version 6.10 - 10/03/2019

  • New team admin experience under Company management.
  • Improved Automatic Valuation Service with higher accuracy and better coverage.
  • Added public data support for eight new counties.

Version 6.9 - 09/23/2019

  • Better sync experience with MLS transactions for agents.
  • Improved navigation with scopes across the app.
  • Better company admin user experience with tab controls. 

Version 6.8 - 09/04/2019

  • Added new MLS Support for the FL Keys.
  • New neighborhoods and community support.
  • Improved My Maps user experience. 

Version 6.7 - 08/25/2019

  • Print functionality added to Property and CMA
  • Speed and performance improvements across the app.
  • Better data feed management screens.

Version 6.6 - 08/20/2019

  • Improved transaction details page with notes and activity timeline.
  • Updated flow on the Login page for changing email or password.

Version 6.5 - 08/13/2019

  • Create new transaction from a Contact.
  • Performance improvements on the Property Search.
  • General bug fixes and improvements. 

Version 6.4 - 07/30/2019

  • Improved assignment rules for Contacts and Transactions.
  • New sales insights dashboard with Company-level reports.
  • New broker tools like navigation links and analytics.

Version 6.3 - 07/15/2019

  • Updated Lead Capture form on Property Pages.
  • Added Print support on Property details.
  • Bug fixes and performance improvements on Real Estate.

Version 6.2 - 07/09/2019

  • Added Deal Ownership Transfer as means to Lead Routing.
  • Added Key Dates and Birthday to the Contacts.
  • Improved My Maps experience to create custom user maps.

Version 6.1 - 06/25/2019

  • Introduced easier platform navigation and controls.
  • Split analytics into Dashboard, Insights and Marketing Analytics.
  • Moved Broker Admin controls to a dedicated area.

Version 6.0 - 06/19/2019

  • Added commercial and rentals to the property search.
  • New implementation of RESO Web API integrations for MLS.
  • All-new property search with dynamic filters.

Version 5.9 - 04/29/2019

  • Bug fixes and stability across the app.
  • Improved accuracy of CMAs and AVMs.
  • Identity and infrastructure performance improvements.

Version 5.8 - 04/17/2019

  • Improved account, billing and payment experience.
  • Better CMA user experience and accuracy.
  • Added product tours and guides to the app.

Version 5.7 - 04/05/2019

  • Improved Deal Pipelines with drag and drop.
  • Customizable CMAs with tons of useful new filters.
  • New internals admin management application.

Version 5.6 - 03/13/2019

  • Added support for users to customize their commission splits.
  • Added close sales metric to the Dashboard.
  • Added support to save notes under each individual contact.

Version 5.5 - 03/09/2019

  • Fixed issue with tags not getting deleted correctly.
  • Added property search navigation from property details to the next and previous.
  • Other bug fixes and performance improvements.

Version 5.4 - 03/04/2019

  • Added support to switch between multiple companies for users.
  • A whole new experience for Realdax Contacts, now with tags, notes and more.
  • A whole new experience for Realdax Deals, now with forecasting, transaction management, and a lot more.

Version 5.3 - 02/12/2019

  • Added support for user's Outbound Email configuration.
  • Added contextual notifications help the user with missing settings or misconfigured account (especially for MLS and Email settings).
  • Moved Plans and Billing now under the Company tab in the Account App.

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