Realdax Transactions - 03/2019

The Automated Real Estate CRM You've Always Wanted.

True power comes from great simplicity. Realdax Transactions is the most refined Real Estate CRM that elevates your productivity to help you double down on actions that drive deals to close.

With Transactions you can stop wasting time on administrative and concentrate on doing the things that matter. A single tool that gives you clarity and shows you what needs your attention now and what to focus on next.

What's New with Realdax Transactions

The Transactions section of Realdax includes;

  • New filters! We've added "Recently Added" and "Without Contacts" to help you narrow down even further the specific transaction you want to work on.
  • Transaction Stages! We've adopted industry established inbound marketing stages for all your contacts and now their journey can be moved from Prospect > Opportunity > Active > Under Contract > Closed (Won or Lost). Learn more about Transaction Stages.
  • Success Probability: Having a transaction in a particular stage also means they have a certain probability of success. For example, a transaction that is a prospect has a much lower change to closing than one that is Under Contract. Realdax Transactions will automatically set the following success probability for each stage (and you can change this setting to your own depending on your plan): Prospect (10% chance of win), Opportunity (20%), Active (40%), Under Contract (80%), Closed/Won (100%) and Closed/Lost (0%)
  • Labels Galore We've added support for you to create your own categorization for your transactions using Labels. You can create unlimited labels and use them across your CRM freely.
  • Multiple Contacts Under One Transaction: A long standing request at last comes to life. Having multiple clients attached to the same transaction is finally here. This is useful when you have, say, a couple (husband and wife) and you want them both to access their transaction and interact with the application and yourself.
  • Showing Requests: We have included Showing Requests directly inside each transaction card. Clients can request showings for any number of properties, and you can confirm the showings as well as keep track of them.
  • Pipeline View: Beyond looking at the list of transactions you are working on as part of your business, you now have a visual transaction pipeline which helps you see the actual progress of your entire sales effort in a simple to understand screen. 
  • Gross Commissionable Income: Based on your pipeline visibility, you'll know how much money you're about to make based on the estimated closing date of your transaction, and the current stage it is in.
  • Transaction Activity: The activity view has been improved to group actions taken by your clients under one place.  Each step is timestamped so you can always have an idea of what your clients are looking or are interested in.     

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