Why do we have Transaction Stages?

Transaction stages allow you to organize, categorize and track the progress of the relationships and leads you are working on inside Realdax. Each lead stage has a probability associated that indicates the likelihood of closing leads in it with a contract that brings you $.

By default, Realdax includes a Real Estate Sales pipeline with 6 lead stages:

Prospects (10%)

Prospects are all your early leads, both cold and warm leads you bring into the system. They have a 10% chance to become actual clients that either buy, sell or rent with you at this stage.

Opportunity (30%)

Engaged leads are those that once were prospects, but they are showing some interest in working with you. We manage this process of engaging leads on behalf of the Realtor, by sending them great market deals and promoting you as the best Realtor they can work with. Once you send your leads an invite, they can complete their profile, set up their preferences, explore market deals, like them or dislike them, amongst many other things. After any 3 of these actions are completed across 3 different days, leads become Engaged.

Active (40%)

Active clients are those who you have had direct contact with after we qualified them for you. It is important you are responsive and get in front of them as soon as we send them your way because it means they are ready to buy, sell or rent using professional help from you.
You will receive an SMS (if we have your phone), or an Email letting you know when a lead has been fully qualified with the necessary information about them, so you can take over the transaction.
Leads enter this stage when:

  • They have at least one property deal recommendation based on their goals
  • We know their buy/sell timetable
  • We know if they are financing or buying cash
  • We know if they are an investor or retail buyer
  • We know if they have pre-approval
  • We have a picture of their pre-approval letter (optional)

Under Contract (80%)

You have an offer accepted and signed by both parties (seller and buyer). At this stage, you have a much higher probability of closing the transaction and collecting a commission. 

Closed: Won (100%) or Lost (0%)

You can archive clients during any stage in their life-cycle, especially as you Win them and closed a deal with them (congrats! 😃 ), or Lost them (😞 ) and they are gone for good. This is useful to keep your pipeline clear and focused on those people that you can actually turn into a contract. When you archive a lead you can mark the reason for archiving for your records as Won, Lost, or Other (with a reminder to yourself):

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