Realdax Contacts is an app to manage all the contacts and leads you do business with. Contact management sits at the core of most Real Estate Professionals, since they are used to manage the entire lifecycle of a customer buying or selling a home. The new Contacts app has a new clean feel to it, much less bloated than the previous version, and loaded with new features.

  • New filters! We've added "Recently Added", "Contacts with Open Deals" and "Contacts with Closed Deals" to help you narrow faster your customers.
  • Contact Stages! We've adopted industry stablished inbound marketing stages for all your contacts and now their journey can be moved from Stranger > Visitor > Lead > Customer > Promoter. 
  • Tags to the rescue! We've added support for you to create your own categorization for your contacts using Tags. You can tag your contacts to fit your own personal needs. 
  • Import your contacts: You can now import multiple contacts at once using the Import link on the side panel.

Contact Stages

  • Stranger: someone that doesn't know about you but you know about them.
  • Visitor: someone that may have visited one of your websites or knows about you from other sources
  • Lead: someone who you've qualified as a potential customer (but is not one yet)
  • Customer: someone that you have done business with
  • Promoter: someone that has given you a referral or is actively recommending you to others

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