Deal Stages are industry established sales pipeline all your transactions. Deals go from Prospect > Opportunity > Active > Under Contract > Closed (Won or Lost).

Each stage has a different change of actually winning the deal, the further advanced you are in the pipeline, the higher your changes of actually closing (winning) your deal, and collecting a commission.

Here's the breakdown for each deal stage:

  • Prospect (10% chance of win): A deal in "Prospect" stage is one that is not yet qualified (i.e. someone 'says' they want to buy, but may not know they can't)
  • Opportunity  (20% chance of win): an "Opportunity" is a deal already qualified but not yet actively searching
  • Active (40% chance of win): an "Active" deal is in the middle of the action (searching for homes, or finding buyers for listings, etc.)
  • Under Contract  (80% chance of win): "Under Contract" doesn't need much explanation.
  • Closed Won / Closed Lost  (100% or 0% chance of win): when the deal is completed either because you won (and are waiting for your commission) or because you lost the deal for any reason
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