To add new clients:

  1. Go to the Relationships app in the main navigation and click on New Lead

You can add clients one by one, or as a list of emails.

Sending Invites
You have the option of sending an invite to your leads if you want them to have access to the application on their own, and browse deals directly. If you check the "Send an invite" option, the leads you add will become "self-service".

Checking this box will send an email to your clients, allowing them to set their preferences and view deals on their own.

Self Service Clients VS Realtor Managed Clients

Self Service Clients are clients that manage their workflow with the system mostly in an automated way, freeing the Agent from unnecessary follow-ups and work until needed. Self Service Clients:

  1. Receive a notification email when they get added by a Realtor
  2. Will be able to configure their own preferences in the app
  3. Will get property notifications automatically as new properties come on the market matching their preferences

Realtor Managed Clients don't receive notifications directly from the system unless the Realtor explicitly shares a property using the deal sharing feature.

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