Sharing a property deal with anyone is easy and convenient with Realdax. Follow these steps to do so:

First Identify the property you want to share from the search results, and open it to reveal its returns and details

The sharing icon is located on the top right-hand corner of the property details page.  To access the multiple sharing options, select the "Send" icon.

You be provided with 3 different options to share your selected property with your clients.  This includes email, coping the property link, or sending to one of your deals. 

To send Via Email, you must make sure to have set up your outbound email for your account.  Instructions for this can be found here - Configure Outbound Email

Once your email is set up, all you'll have to do is enter in the contacts email address and we'll send them a link to access the property details and make you look like a pro! 

Also, we'll automatically add this contact to your Contacts if they have not been added already.  That way it's easy to build out their profile starting with the property you just share with them. 

Copying a property link is great when working with other Realdax agents or someone from your team.  This link will quickly bring them to the property details so that you can discuss what the next steps are.

Sending to one of your deals is a fast way to add properties to the client profiles your currently working with.  This way everything stay nice and organized with the clients you're working with. 

Let us know if this helped.

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