RealDAX lets you find, filter and acquire residential real estate deals in your local market. You can setup targeted search preferences to start a deal sourcing campaign with your buyers and investors.

What you get with RealDAX property search?

  • A comprehensive Real Estate database with Parcel Data, Point of Interest, Quality of Life, Risk + F&I, Deed Records, Taxes and Assessments, along with MLS listings from your Broker's MLS.
  • ROI Driven Property Search. You can search by Cap Rate, Cash on Cash, Rental Rate, and Internal Rate of Return.
  • You always see the best deals first, just like you'd expect from a Google Search.
  • Your customers can setup their own search preferences, and you can make them flexible.
  • You get to run Live CMAs and create beautiful reports with a single click you can then share with your clients.
  • You can share with your clients the projected returns of properties they are looking at without the risk of giving direct investment advice.
  • Get access to financial proformas on a property in seconds without the extra work.
  • Analyze a listing before you publish it and attract more buyers and investors with predictive returns and analytics.
  • See neighborhood quality of life, based on international indicators that give your customers the insight missing everywhere else.

STEP 1: Login to RealDAX app

You'll need to use your Facebook or Google accounts to log in. No password to remember, and a lot more secure than yet another username and password to remember.

STEP 2: Select your Preferences

The first time you log in, you'll see a search box to define your markets. You'll have to this only once, as the platform remembers where you left off, and picks it up right there. You can define your market as a zip code, a neighborhood, a city or a county.

Something amazing and unique about our search platform is that you can select more than one market, even if they are geographically disconnected! (like Miami Beach and Doral together)

If you (or your client) is looking for a specific return, you can adjust the sliders under "Investment Filters", and change the Cap Rate or Cash on Cash you are specifically looking for. If you leave these to "Any", you'll be seeing the best deals overall from our DealRanking algorithms. You can also filter further your search preferences like you would regularly on Matrix, or Zillow (beds, baths, price, etc.).

STEP 3: Sell the best deals!

That's it! Too good to be true? We focus on doing the heavy lifting in the backend so you don't have the spend the time doing it every day.

Everyone wants to get a good deal in Real Estate, and RealDAX gets you there first. Simple, fast, no fuzz. This is Real Estate Search for the modern world: High-Signal, No-Noise.

What’s next?

  • Now that you know how to find the best deals in town, check out how to automate your customer nurturing practice and grow your business fast.
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